Transform Education Sectors With Salesforce Education Cloud

What Is Salesforce Education Cloud and How the Education Sector Can Benefit from its Incredible Features?

Salesforce, one of the first cloud platforms in the world, has the unmatched capacity to integrate everything. It can integrate data from various sources and provide a real-time, centralized view of the components.

Corporations that have relied on Salesforce consulting services have witnessed revolutionary changes owing to the CRM Company.

Salesforce persistently strives to grow and innovate to continue offering its customers the most integrated experience across various industrial sectors.

Such a year was 2018, when Salesforce launched the Education Cloud and provided CRM software solutions for the higher education industry.

We shall cover some of Salesforce cloud’s remarkable features in this blog. But let’s start with an overview of the education cloud.

What Is Salesforce Education Cloud and How the Education Sector Can Benefit from its Incredible Features?
What Is Salesforce Education Cloud?

A Brief Overview:

What Is Salesforce Education Cloud?

Salesforce Education Cloud is also known as Salesforce for Higher Education. With an extensive perspective of their digital-first interactions throughout the educational journey, it facilitates growth and success for students and institutions.

It is an all-inclusive CRM for educational institutions such as universities and colleges that enables a networked campus community. Essentially, this helps manage the changing demands of all client relationships, from potentials and students to graduates and sponsors.

With the help of Salesforce Education Cloud, you can generate meaningful insights instead of siloed data and work on specialized solutions for activities such as:

Education Cloud offers a comprehensive overview of student and institutional data. As a result, staff members have access to a student’s entire academic record, such as where and what they study, the professionals with whom they regularly interact and work, etc.

Salesforce Education Cloud Features

Nurtured Relationships

Nurtured Relationships

The Salesforce Education Cloud enables you to engage with your audience more deeply and foster a relationship with them by impressing them and grabbing their attention more effectively.

Departments can leverage the comprehensive CRM solution to acquire big grants and boost online fundraising, take advantage of improved reporting with AI, and strengthen relationships.

Marketing and

Marketing and Enrolment Automation

The Salesforce Education Cloud's marketing automation tool maps key events, such as student journeys, budget tracking, campaign management, social marketing, and personalized message to be sent.

However, the cloud solution's sales automation capability handles the enrollment process right from the prospective stage to the final enrolment.

Effective and Personalized Communications

Effective and Personalized Communications

The Salesforce Education Cloud offers universities and colleges the power to engage stakeholders in meaningful, persuasive, and tailored communications via great digital interaction. Additionally, it automates and centralizes operations for teams throughout the entire campus.

Seamless Recruitment Process

Seamless Recruitment Process

Universities can conduct a meaningful and proactive outreach to potential students with the help of the Recruitment and Admissions functionalities of the Salesforce Education Cloud. You can now recruit the desirable students, maximize yield, boost recruiter performance, and increase productivity because all the data is centralized in one convenient location.

Student Support

Student Support

With the diverse range of Salesforce Education Cloud services, universities of any size can increase student engagement, provide consistent counseling, optimize operations, and open doors to new career opportunities.

Grant and Loan

Grant and Loan Application Management

The management of loan applications for internal and external partners for loan approvals, as well as grant proposals, financing, budget tracking, and project updates to sponsors, are all automated by the Education Cloud.

This ends the prolonged follow-ups and back-and-forth dialogue on processing student loans, giving everyone a clear picture of the situation.

Holistic View of

Holistic View of Stakeholders

Every interaction with all parties, including sponsors, affiliates, and current, prospective, and former students, is consolidated into a single platform.

The Salesforce Education cloud uses mobile, social, and cloud technologies to aggregate all critical data from various sources.

It engages students on their chosen devices and offers a 360-degree overview of the class. Additionally, comprehensive reports and dashboards are provided.

Multi-Department Collaboration

Multi-Department Collaboration

To ensure smooth operations, several campus departments must collaborate. The Salesforce Education Cloud unifies different departments, giving students a simple, streamlined environment that promotes engagement and collaboration without aggravation or silos.

Salesforce Education Cloud Services

Assessment Management

Create a communication channel that makes it easy for the resource hub and the student assessment evaluation team to interact.

Student Portal

To secure student access, grant them access to a dedicated student portal with unique login credentials.

Student Records Management

Use a consolidated database that stores all student data, such as name, educational and medical history, current grades, contact information, admissions information, and more.

Admissions Management

By doing away with time-consuming paperwork processes and lengthy wait periods in queues, schools, universities, colleges, and institutions can easily manage online form submissions and admission processes.

Curriculum Management

The Salesforce Education Cloud manages the entire CMP, or Curriculum Management Process, which comprises the learning materials for the students and the modules for assessments, evaluation techniques, and learning enhancement strategies.

Alumni Management

Through the web portal, colleges, universities, and other institutions can now easily manage and keep track of alumni accounts and build communication channels for alumni activities.

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