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What Benefits Businesses Can Leverage from the Salesforce Experience Cloud (Community Cloud)?

Businesses now have the opportunity to explore new methods and strategies for engaging with their target audience courtesy of the realm of digital technology.

The main purpose of online communities is to assist businesses in improving communication with customers, the workforce, business partners, and other key stakeholders.

One such software solution that enables businesses to build such communities and effectively manage them is the Salesforce Community Cloud.

In 2020, Salesforce launched the Salesforce Community Cloud, which is a Salesforce Digital Experience Platform.

And in 2021, Salesforce finally made the much-awaited announcement that Salesforce Community Cloud had been rebranded as Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Let’s learn about the Salesforce Experience Cloud in more detail!

What Is the Salesforce Experience Cloud?

What Is the Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud, previously known as Community Cloud, is a Salesforce-designed digital experience platform. It is created to enhance interaction between a company’s partners, clients, and workforce.

This digital solution leverages a social CRM platform for interactions and screen sharing. It allows users to communicate in real time while exchanging images and data.

Staff members can use the Salesforce Community Cloud for a broad range of activities at the workplace, such as:

Management can also use it to enhance communication with its channel partners and other third-party stakeholders.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Features
and Functionalities

Here are some of the critical features of the Salesforce Experience Cloud:


eCommerce Integration

One of the Salesforce Experience Cloud's best features is its ability to boost an organization's sales. It accomplishes this by enabling you to integrate your eCommerce platform with it and allowing you to offer your customers solutions through the products you sell.

In addition, you can work with partners to track the sales of your goods and services and create strategies to speed up the sales process. The coolest part is that your clients can purchase your products directly from Experience Cloud.

Business Integration

Business Integration

Salesforce enables you to access and utilize data at any time from any source. This enables community members to share suggestions for leads and inquiries. It allows all staff members to share data as needed so you can effortlessly monitor the growth of your business.

Branding &

Branding & Personalization

The Experience Cloud platform lets you tailor every aspect of the user experience to your needs, from the design to the overall impression. You can use the Salesforce experience to expand your business space in addition to your office space. Most importantly, you can offer your employees a supportive environment where they can freely communicate their ideas.

Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

There will be instances when you are unable to solve an issue. At this point, the Salesforce Experience Cloud will intervene and take charge of the situation.

The integrated software solution will connect you with a subject matter expert to discuss the problem. Additionally, the specialist will comprehend the company's needs and offer a tailored solution.

Dashboards and

Dashboards and Reports

You can create reports and dashboards centered on the performance of your business partners by implementing the Salesforce Experience Cloud. You can install the customization tools in accordance with your needs.

It will provide a clear picture of both the organizational goals and individual performance. Additionally, you can access any data with the Wave Analytics tool to evaluate, document, and execute the plans.

Case Escalation

Case Escalation

The implementation of Salesforce Experience Cloud enables clients to develop custom searches using relevant keywords. Those cases or searchers will be arranged in a hierarchy based on the keyword density.

Customers need not worry, though, as each keyword search can be addressed separately on the platform. Additionally, businesses can review individual client queries and deal with them directly.

Benefits of leveraging Salesforce Community Cloud

Below are some of the benefits of Implementing the Salesforce Community Cloud:

Community Building

Because of its user-friendly circumstance, the Salesforce Community Cloud could be considered an interactive addition to your company.

It enables you to develop a unique solution that complements your brand for its engagement in online communities. It facilitates integration with corporate data, making it convenient for employees, clients, and stakeholders to complete their tasks.

Community Building

Community Engagement

This online community cloud can be used to automatically recommend actions based on people’s interests and behaviors as well as to foster deeper community engagement.

You can engage with your community via the Salesforce mobile application or browser and offer a customized, device-responsive interaction.

Community Engagement

Rich Customer Experience

Customers can easily find solutions to queries because of the accessibility of articles and FAQs. Community Cloud makes it simple for a business to keep track of the agent who is most active and recommends them based on their knowledge and skills.

Rich Customer Experience

Boost Sales Channels for Business Partners

The Salesforce Community Cloud directly links partners, distributors, and resellers, resulting in increased revenue. It accelerates the exchange of data about leads and contacts, prevents channel conflicts, and connects with external systems.

Boost Sales Channels for Business Partners

Facilitate Employee Engagement

To acquire organized access to pertinent information, you can divide your team into groups based on projects, events, and campaigns. Your staff wouldn’t have any trouble locating the relevant data when they need it because files are synchronized into a central location.

Facilite Employee Engagement
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Final Words

Salesforce Experience Cloud will improve your user experience while eliminating your efforts, thanks to all its incredible features and advantages.

If you are an organization wondering how to implement the Salesforce Experience Cloud, all you need to do is get in touch with us.

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We can not only help you implement this remarkable software solution by Salesforce but also enable you to access all its features seamlessly.

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