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How Can Salesforce Health Cloud Transform the Healthcare Industry?

One of the common goals of newly emerging healthcare technologies is to improve the experience of patients as well as medical professionals.

Let’s take the case of a patient visiting a nearby medical center as an instance. The doctor on call there on that day may not know the patient’s history or that he visited a month ago too, for the same reason: a throat infection.

Considering the above scenario, it would be helpful if the medical history of such patients were stored in a centralized database.

Taking into account all the relevant health information concerning the patients would result in not only a better diagnosis but also an effective course of treatment.

So how does the healthcare industry accomplish that?

This is where Salesforce Health Cloud comes into the picture!

It serves as an interface between different medical professionals and even insurance coordinators and brings together data from several sources, like wearables, medical equipment, etc., in one place.

Let’s understand Salesforce Health Cloud in more detail!

How Can Salesforce Health Cloud Transform the Healthcare Industry?
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What Is Salesforce
Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud is a software solution for organizing record-keeping and managing interactions between patients with doctors. It consolidates a broad range of medical information from various sources in one location, giving you a comprehensive view of every factor of each patient. For instance:

Medical tests
Preferences for personal communication
Medical conditions
Visit records
Current medications
Medical history data

This framework of Health Cloud facilitates more tailored, prompt, and careful attention.

In addition, patients can access this software on any device and at any time to get in touch with medical professionals, submit digital paperwork for appointments, check frequently asked questions, and more.

Health Cloud safeguards every data it stores and handles, rendering itself a reliable and secure platform. It enables users to access all patient data in real time, including medical history and scheduled checkups.

Top Features and Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

The features of this user-friendly software solution are designed to facilitate patient communication with healthcare providers and boost patient engagement. Some of the top features and their benefits are listed below:

Real-Time Interactions

Real-Time Interactions

Salesforce Health Cloud ensures that patients can get in touch with medical professionals in real time. By integrating into the private Salesforce network, businesses can also arrange real-time healthcare assistance, factoring in the convenience of patients and medical professionals.

Optimization of
Medical Devices

Optimization of Medical Devices

Medical equipment manufacturers leverage the Salesforce Health Cloud software in sales because it centralizes data, generates useful insights, and facilitates task automation across various devices.

Medical personnel can receive real-time treatment forecasts, data, and insights for each engagement. This significantly accelerates the course of treatment.

Streamlined Patient Journey

Streamlined Patient Journey

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a detailed picture of the patient without discrepancies, security flaws, data silos, or delays in care provision. Since all activities are consolidated in the cloud, everyone can view the same information and work within the same interface.

By offering personalized services, medical professionals can give each patient the care and attention they need. Businesses may be involved at all stages, from consultation to discharge, to meet the needs of the patient.

360-Degree View of
the Patient

360-Degree View of the Patient

The best healthcare services can be delivered by employing a 360-degree perspective of all patients, along with specific patient overviews. The existing health record, medical history, pharmaceuticals used, appointment history, and other critical information are available in detail with only a few clicks.

EHR (Electronic Health Record) Integration

EHR (Electronic Health Record) Integration

The Salesforce Health Cloud integrates with current EHRs (electronic health records) to provide a consolidated view of all objectives and responsibilities associated with different treatment programs. This could lead to more effective management of health records.

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What’s Next?

Customers can now more easily access the information they seek thanks to Health Cloud‘s employment of charts and a color-coded method to provide data in simplified formats.

Additionally, you can cut down on errors and streamline tasks using automated forms and user-friendly dashboards of Salesforce Health Cloud.

Every interaction with today’s patients in the healthcare industry should be seamless and personalized. This experience can be offered using the Salesforce Health Cloud. Patients’ and users’ experiences can be tailored on a centralized platform, and workflows can be optimized.

Because of the cloud solution’s cutting-edge technology, it is now possible to provide virtual healthcare services. By leveraging the significant advantages of cloud services while ensuring excellent performance, healthcare is evolving and digitizing.

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