Meet Production Goals With Automation In Mining Oil Gas Industry

Make sure to employ resources effectively and efficiently in today's competitive market for optimal performance.

Health & Safety
in Mining and Oil & Gas

Digital Transformation strategy
for Mining and Oil & Gas

ESG and Data Analytics
for Mining and Oil & Gas

Meet Production Goals for Mining, Oil, and Gas While Safely Optimizing Operations

Oil and gas firms work hard to achieve their operational targets. It might be challenging due to operational difficulties and dynamically shifting market conditions. With Intuition SofTech as a partner, you’ll have access to a global network of automation specialists and process management tools.

In order to help you meet your goals of net zero emissions, zero unplanned downtime, zero recordable safety events, and zero inefficiencies in your mining operations, our specialists collaborate with you to fully understand your unique difficulties. From there, they’ll help you implement solutions.

Some Oil, Gas & Mining Website & Apps Designed By Us

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Automate your Oil & Gas operations

Process Control Systems

Your company can gain from using our distributed control system solution by, enhancing control to help achieve productivity targets by automating, production to cut down on time to market & enabling new system capabilities to be adopted by technology.

Intelligent Motor Control

Smart connected systems are composed of intelligent components. Find out how our range of intelligent motor control information can help you make smarter operational choices, boost system performance, and increase operational efficiency.

Integrated Architecture

Industrial automation solution is made possible by integrated control systems. To address particular requirements, you can deploy an industrial control system singly at the machine- or line level using our Integrated Architecture solutions.

Onshore & Offshore

Boost output, optimize drainage, and get the reservoir’s full value irrespective of industry type. Increase production efficiency while maintaining the security of your business.

Simulation Software for Oil & Gas

Our simulation software facilitates oil and gas businesses to investigate operations from end to end and analyze what-if scenarios to make intelligent decisions going forward.

Advanced Mining Automation Solutions

Mining and extraction

Automated data collection helps to remotely gather information from mobile assets and understand how your mining vehicles and operators are performing in real time.

Mineral processing and metal refining

Model predictive control will help mining industries to control variability, handle constraints and limitations, and track and optimise multiple applications.

Material Handling

Thanks to our comprehensive solution that unifies automation, you may achieve your cost-per-tone targets and zero-damage goals while lowering unexpected downtime.

Utilities and Supporting Areas

Our sophisticated packed power reduces downtime and increases operational visibility by dismantling the silos between process and electrical systems.

Mine-to-Market Integration

Enhance Decision-Making with Mining-Specific Applications. Our solutions will assist in providing your data with crucial context.

Advanced Mining Automation Solutions
Intuition SofTech is your Industry Mining, Oil & Gas Partner

Intuition SofTech is your Industry Mining, Oil & Gas Partner

You may increase production overall by making the most of your process and equipment with the aid of tested and validated designs and functions specifically designed for mining operations.

We have the technology to support you in optimizing your operations, whether it be a product or an integrated solution. Our solutions give you access to a wealth of contextualized data to assist you in making more informed decisions.

Intuition SofTech Automation Solutions gives us the ability to recognize and address the difficulties presented by a market that is becoming more complicated and unpredictable from a position of strength, generating both short- and long-term value as a reliable partner for our clients.