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A better way to build and deploy software

Use DevOps to power up your team, deliver better value to customers and reach organisational goals faster. Optimise your software development lifecycle, build and launch better quality products, save time and maximise business productivity.

A better way to build and deploy software

DevOps refers to the coordination and collaboration of development and IT teams to enable organisations to improve the quality of their software and continuously deliver value to customers. DevOps focuses on unifying people, processes, and technology to become more efficient, produce quality applications at pace and improve customer satisfaction. By adopting a DevOps culture, development and operation teams can collaborate, automate, carry out continuous integration, continuous delivery, deploy and monitor software without silos.

Here at Intuition SofTech, we work with clients to introduce and manage a DevOps environment that is agile, reliable, and fast. We help clients eliminate siloed roles within their organisation, maintain stability and reliability while improving performance. With an emphasis on automation and by adopting innovative tools, we provide strategy led DevOps services that allow our clients to enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Greater competitive advantage with accelerated time to market, improved customer experience, and quality, reliable products.
Improved communication and collaboration between developer, operation, quality assurance, and security teams
Maximise profits by reducing downtime and software release costs
All-round business innovation, speed, and heightened security.

Due to the increase in customer demands, companies in Australia need better ways of continuous integration and continuous delivery of features into production as well as testing and correcting problems without disrupting other services or processes. By using the best DevOps practices and tools, we design, implement, and manage a reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure that allows for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automation of workflows as well as security and compliance.

DevOps Transformation

The IT industry has changed; smart businesses are adopting DevOps to optimise their processes and maximise business gains. To stay competitive, you must leverage automation and other DevOps practices to improve your IT infrastructure, manage costs and deliver value. Intuition SofTech helps you introduce and adopt the DevOps culture. We create an environment of transparent communication and collaboration between developer, operation, and quality assurance teams. We strategically remove siloed roles and tasks, department-specific goals and approaches, and replace them with a cross-functional, innovative, and productive approach geared towards one goal: producing value. We adopt the latest technologies and use the latest versions of cloud-based platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud to create interconnected and cost-efficient IT infrastructure for Australia-wide companies.

DevOps Transformation

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

We deploy CI/CD pipelines to automate your entire software delivery process. By implementing CI/CD pipelines, we help teams perform at scale, build, test and deploy new code quickly while eliminating manual errors and reducing failure of new releases.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Version Control

We use innovative version control systems to enable developers to collaborate in authoring code. This way, teams can work together efficiently, track versions of code, review and recover changes quickly. Development teams can now split tasks between themselves, handle conflicts and store code and roll back changes/versions where needed.

Version Control
Setup Microservices and Containerisation

Setup Microservices and

When used together, containers and microservices deliver an agile, reliable, and secure software development lifecycle. Our team can set up microservices and containerisation to break up complex applications into smaller portable, fast, efficient, secure, and easy to manage components.

Continuous Monitoring

From collecting telemetry and metadata down to monitoring systems for gathering data in real-time, we maintain maximum visibility into your entire application stack. Our team monitors and collects actionable data for continuous improvement of the development cycles and mitigation of issues from the primary IT infrastructure on which the application is built to advanced software components.

Continuous Monitoring

Whether you are adopting DevOps for the first time or looking to advance, Intuition SofTech will provide expert insights into the best practices, processes, and technologies to create a continuous delivery pipeline and achieve your goals.

We bring years of experience in software development and IT infrastructure. Our team specialises in helping any size company unify development and operations so that siloed roles, traditional environments, and methods of software developments can give way to communication and collaboration, automated workflows, transparent work environments, and better quality software.

At the core of our DevOps service is customer experience. Hence, we guarantee better quality software products that deliver more value to your customers and maximise profitability for your business. It’s a win-win situation with DevOps.

See why 100+ businesses in Australia trust Intuition SofTech to deliver reliable software products that give them a competitive advantage.

Extensive experience
A unified, expert team
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Let us help you transform your business with DevOps. We are showing companies in Sydney a better, agile and reliable way to build and deploy software so that they become more productive, competitive, and customer-facing.

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