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What Is Salesforce Industries Cloud and How Can it Cater to Your Salesforce Business Needs?

Vlocity, which has received a great deal of attention in recent times, has long been an integral part of the Salesforce ecosystem.

And why not?

It is one of Salesforce’s most recent acquisitions, completed on June 1st, 2020, and valued at a staggering 1.33 billion dollars.

Now, appropriately renamed Salesforce Industries, it is assisting Salesforce in specializing its CRM solutions and making them more scalable and customizable.

Traditionally, businesses had to modify the horizontal solutions offered by Salesforce to address the issues specific to their industry.

However, with its purpose-built industry clouds, Salesforce Industries was introduced as an alternative to the ongoing support of solution architects for Marketing, Sales, and Service clouds.

Surprisingly, though, a lot of people in the industry are still unaware of the complete spectrum of Salesforce Industries Cloud.

Let’s go a little further to learn more about Vlocity, Salesforce Industries Cloud, and the advantages this Salesforce Vlocity acquisition will bring to business organizations.

What Is Salesforce Industries Cloud and How Can it Cater to Your Salesforce Business Need?
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What Is Vlocity in Salesforce?

Vlocity is a Salesforce Platform integration that provides industry-specific solutions, mobile applications, and omnichannel operations to giant corporations in certain industries.

Vlocity’s key features include some of the following:

Vlocity was launched in 2014, quickly gained immense popularity, and became well-known. In fact, Vlocity won 3 Forbes Cloud 100 awards in a row from 2017 to 2019.

This remarkable rise of Salesforce Vlocity was driven by the application’s ability to address the needs of businesses that demanded CRMs with more customization than Salesforce could provide.

What Is Salesforce Industries?

As previously mentioned, Vlocity, a software firm that Salesforce legally purchased in 2020, is now known as Salesforce Industries.

The Salesforce Vlocity acquisition broadens the Salesforce data model and provides more adaptable out-of-the-box software solutions tailored to 12 key industries, including:

Features of Salesforce Industries Cloud

Because of the features offered by the highly customized CRMs, organizations choose Salesforce Vlocity, or as it is now known, Salesforce Industries Cloud.

Salesforce Industries Cloud has several noteworthy features, such as:



Companies can create a business process using the tool Omniscript. It aids in creating a guided route that ensures all the phases in a business process are followed. Additionally, it configures the established business workflows to provide a smooth client experience.



Through the use of contextual information, these cards assist clients in a guided engagement from start to finish. It can be created without using any code, allowing companies to develop it quickly using a basic "What You See Is What You Get" or WYSIWYG editor.

Integration Procedures

Integration Procedures

The Integration procedures tool, in a single service call, can help you accomplish a variety of operations.

This tool allows IT developers to leverage their capabilities to integrate Vlocity with Salesforce data and tailor solutions for specific industries using Salesforce automation tools and coding languages.

IT developers can also create the essential fixes for the growing needs of the relevant cloud and its industry with the assistance of Omnistudio.

Additionally, CRM users can join by launching Vlocity Integration functions from Lightning Web Components, which improves the effectiveness of the reuse capability while necessitating minimal complexities.



DataRaptor is a mapping tool that grants you access to Salesforce data and lets you retrieve, view, analyze, handle, and modify it. This pre-built functionality has its own data model, which simplifies the process of creating customized data models in line with the company's business needs.

IDX Build Tool

IDX Build Tool

It is a command-line feature that automatically transfers and bundles Omnistudio data packs in a format that is compatible with source control.

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How Does Salesforce Benefit from Industries Cloud?

Salesforce has improved its capabilities to provide tailored solutions over time in an effort to address and resolve whatever obstacles the industry may present.

But let’s not forget IT complexity is still a barrier!

Take, for instance, a company that leverages a sophisticated tech stack. But the stack comes with some programs that were built in-house. Replacing it with a consolidated platform would still take substantial time and resources.

Therefore, IT professionals and business consultants must make changes to the solution and integrate it with other technologies to facilitate end-to-end business operations.

This is where Salesforce Industries Cloud enters the equation. It is an add-on for Salesforce, and the application was built in strict conformity with industry standards.

Currently, one of the primary functionalities of the Salesforce platform is to offer industry-specific CRM solutions. It is possible, thanks to the collaboration with Vlocity: The Salesforce Vlocity acquisition.

As a result, organizations can now get up and running faster because of Salesforce Industries Cloud.

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