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What Is Field Service Lightning and
How Can its Top Features Benefit Your

As companies began to invest in the Salesforce framework, Salesforce CRM’s long-term goal to automate the sales process gained momentum.

As a result, lead conversion, customer happiness, and return on investment for businesses increased exponentially.

However, the advancement was centered on online businesses, where field services were only a vision.

Salesforce soon stressed the need to reach field services, which were challenging to manage. It was then that Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) made its debut to the world.

Let’s Learn about the Salesforce Field Service Lighting in more detail!

What Is Salesforce Field Service Lightning and How Does it Work?

What Is Salesforce Field Service Lightning and How Does it Work?

Field Service Lightning is a component of Salesforce’s Service Cloud Suite that aims to improve and optimize field service operations across a broad range of industries.

Field Service Lightning can be employed as a stand-alone software solution even though it is a component of the Service Cloud Suite.

Organizational workforces continue to grow, and businesses must provide services on the go. This made companies seek a single software solution that would enable them to communicate effectively with field service techs, dispatchers, managers, and mobile workers.

In addition, it is necessary to fulfill client expectations.

Customers want to be able to schedule services across a variety of devices, get regular status updates on the progress of their bookings, and receive precise time projections for the job.

It goes without saying that this is in addition to the demand for prompt and effective service.

Field Service Lightning improves communication and provides a wide range of features and functionalities for its users, such as van inventory records, AI-backed scheduling and job allocation, and user-friendly content.

It is a tool developed to improve field service management by automating work processes and boosting workers’ ability to execute crucial tasks.

Critical Field Service Lightning Features

Here are some of the top features and functionalities of the Salesforce Field Service Lightning:

Seamless Appointment,

Seamless Appointment Scheduling

You can quickly and effortlessly monitor your workforce with a Field Service Lightning dispatch console. You can use this functionality to streamline scheduling based on the skills and availability of the field service technicians.

You can tailor each search to include factors that are most relevant to the job's requirements. This feature will enable you to never squander working hours by defining the project timeline.

Work Order

Work Order Management

You can automate your field service work processes by employing Salesforce Field Service Lightning to generate and manage work orders. Viewing accounts and confirming the requirements for a job will be simple, thanks to this functionality.

Once the work order is complete, you can integrate it with invoicing for an expedited payment procedure.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

The field service personnel can collect signatures on work orders and service reports of business partners and clients' signatures using the electronic signatures feature.

Specifying the kind and number of signatures that are allowed on the service report and including them through the signature blocks can be aided by this tool.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility

The mobile accessibility feature included in the Salesforce Field Service Lightning service allows your field service team to be in constant touch and have access to all data while out in the field.

Your field service contractors and technicians must install the mobile app and log in to the system in order to access all the key features. You will even be able to regulate team access and credentials.


Inventory Management

This capability is excellent for analyzing profit and costs and acting as a sales tool. Your workforce will be informed of all products available, including goods that are stored in individual work trucks, and you will be able to control inventory management.

You and your team can access the product management feature within the Salesforce platform to see what equipment, materials, and goods are available for a specific project or field service request.

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Benefits of Using the Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Below mentioned are some of the essential benefits of employing the Field Service Lightning:

Allows administrators to establish and maintain particular work rules for managing areas, service level agreements (SLAs), or corporate priorities
Streamlines and automates various field service processes, such as scheduling, dispatching, and work order management.
Enables field service technicians to obtain electronic signatures on work orders and service reports
Allows field service professionals to complete their service requests on the site
Recommends the accurate time to clients based on existing schedules and travel distance
Allows for task management and supervision using Gantt charts or map views
Accommodates up to 3,000 field service professionals, including contractors
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Final Words

Nowadays, fieldwork requires a powerful and cutting-edge technology that promotes both teamwork and performance. For this, Salesforce Field Service Lightning offers a wide range of customizable features and benefits for its users.

The Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a flexible software solution that can be used for resource optimization, AI-driven scheduling, guided safety standards, knowledge articles, and more.

With the help of this software, it is possible to bring together clients, employees, and merchandise on a centralized platform and offer top-notch services.

Additionally, it enables the customer service team to strategically assign jobs to field service techs while actively monitoring them.

So, if you’re looking for a Salesforce implementation partner in Australia and intend to integrate Field Service Lightning into your company, Intuition SofTech is just a phone call away.

Our Field Service Lightning consultants can implement the software solution to a business quickly and effortlessly.

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