5 Hottest Trending Mobile UI Designs to Stick to in 2019

Android, iPhone & Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Empowering people by improving the technology experience and meeting business goals is what Mobile App Development concerned with. Mobile UI Design is now imagined to be simple with asymmetric layout with a major focus on app loading speed.

Users now have a mobile-first mindset and businesses are leaning towards finding the best Mobile App Development Company in Sydney, Australia to stick to inclining growth.

Not dragging more on this, we would check out the five most featured mobile UI design elements to stick to this year (and for the coming year of course!).

  1. Using in-app Gestures at its best
    In-app gestures are highly inspired by buttonless smartphones by Google, Samsung, Apple, and other Android mobile manufacturing companies. UI Designer needs to re-think their future designs to be neat and edgeless now.Putting in-app gestures can be a major plus point for the business as gestures make users experience something different with your app. UI & UX Designing Company have understood that mobile app designs need to be more conceptualized, simplified and clean.The best use of in-app gestures is when your app can perform in a way that users are habituated to use other features of their smartphone.
  2. Face ID
    Having a new login or app unlock feature will be an exciting thing for users. Why not make your users have face ID to login to your app?! It is also a great opportunity for Mobile UI designers to polish the user flow, improve the design and make users feel more secure. This can be suggested to your Mobile & Ecommerce Application Development Company to implement it for you. Why just Face ID, fingerprint unlocks can also be used for the same.
  3. A Pinch of Action with Video & Animation
    Visual content is now replacing written content to a great extent and this is when you can ask your UI designers to include some videos, animation effects or even gifs in your app, wherever possible. For instance, a short tutorial video will prove to be more informative and engaging than traditionally written content. Don’t you agree?
  4. Interactive Design
    Interactive mobile app design is when the user is served what he needs at every step while using the app. For instance, when a user reaches the final step of making the purchase and needs some help, want to enter a promo code or want to see bill breakdown. Everything should be made available on that very screen. This is the intelligence of Interactive Design.
  5. Neutral UI
    It is the approach of UI/UX designers in the Mobile Application Development that makes the difference. Presenting the user interface in a way that it seems interactive, hides the mobile app’s complexity smartly and draws user attention towards content is essential.

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