Refurbish your Ecommerce Website to Fix Google’s New Search Console Errors

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Google increases the heartbeats of Ecommerce website owners (just like any other websites) by introducing changes many times a year. Most of the changes revolve around cross-domain analytics to enhancements for user experience. Nearly all Ecommerce websites have recently got a headache with the addition of „Products‟ enhancement.

Since you own an Ecommerce Website, you must be keeping an eye on your leads and conversions, for which you have Google Search Console for closer analysis. If you have been receiving numerous warnings, no worries! You are not alone.

What is “Product Report‟?
Added to search console by the end of February 2019, the Products report can be found under the enhancements section in Google Search Console. It brought warnings in abundance that may be visible as errors titled: Either “offers”, “review” or “aggregate Rating” should be specified. As it’s an Ecommerce website, this error will likely affect many of your products.

Besides this error, you may also see a warning that includes: missing field “brand”, missing field “SKU”, missing field “offers”, and so on.

The core idea of Google to do so is to encourage Ecommerce sites for using all the possible product markups that increase CTR (click-through-rate) in turn.

When do you get an error?
When the product does not contain structured content for any 3 specified schemas, you get the error: Either “offers”, “review” or “aggregate Rating” should be specified.
The schema markup added to a page that is not dedicated to a single product, it causes errors.

How does it affect your Ecommerce Website?
You may or may not experience this issue while some users may witness a rank-drop after finding this error too. In case, if you have witnessed a traffic decrease recently after this report being introduced, this error should be fixed as soon as possible. If it‟s just a warning, your rankings will not get hurt.

Fixing: Either “offers”, “review” or “aggregate Rating” should be specified
If you‟re using WooCommerce, the default specified schema includes – Name, Description, URL, SKU, Availability, Image, Offers, Aggregate Rating, Price, Review, and more. Every product on your website should exempt from this error that does not stem from product pages. Check it out by searching for “schema” or “@type” and look for the code that appears like this:


Looking closely at the products in the error, you‟ll notice that the errors are about different products on your archive or category pages. The “name” product markup is added to every item in the categories by WooCommerce. When the pages are crawled and this stuff is found, it is identified as an error. This should not exist as a markup on the archive and category page according to Google.

However, fixing the error is very simple.
You need to add this code to your theme’s functions.php file:

* Remove the generated product schema markup from Product Category and Shop pages. */

function wc_remove_product_schema_product_archive() {

remove_action( ‘woocommerce_shop_loop’, array( WC()->structured_data, ‘generate_product_data’ ), 10, 0 );

add_action( ‘woocommerce_init’, ‘wc_remove_product_schema_product_archive’ );

This code has been tested and it was mostly successful. If you need help fixing the error, our Ecommerce Website Development Company will be more than glad. Our team of experts are specialists in website development, UI/UX Design and is one of the best Mobile Application Development Company in Sydney. We can help to enhance your Ecommerce Website appearance & fix the errors too.