Keep your Business Up & Running during Lockdown too

COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the economies worldwide. Over 192 countries across the world are affected by this pandemic. From laymen to businessmen, everyone is affected by this deadly disease in one or the other ways. We’re currently relying on #staysafe & #stayathome.

Besides taking the preventive measures to save your lives from Novel Coronavirus, you must be worried about revenue generation. Local stores and many businesses have dropped their shutters. There is no certainty as to when things will get normal.

In the middle of such chaos going outside, is there any way you can still earn? What about the people who feed their families on weekly wages? Your savings plan & financial management gets disturbed during such a period.

Online Businesses are still active & earning!

If you have only noticed, every business is put on hold but online businesses are unstoppable, even during the lockdown.

Online product selling & service-providing sites are running successfully, thanks to the websites. Is this the time when we realize the importance of owning a website? Instead of waiting for the economy to get stable, you can actively perform business activities as you did before the COVID-19 outbreak.

For instance, people are prohibited to go out but grocery stores and supermarkets are still allowed to deliver products & services door-to-door. This simply means that you are in safe hands with an online store. You’re unstoppable, even during this critical period.

What you should be doing right now?
Be available via Mobile Apps
People are used to smartphones and it’s convenient to shop via mobile apps. If you already own a website, get mobile app development done. Android or iPhone apps take less time to get developed and once users install your apps, they’ll prioritize your services over your competitors. You’ve got a chance to attract more users so don’t miss it & get Android & iPhone app development done as soon as possible.

Enhance your UI/UX Design
Interactive Web Designing is the key to online success and you can win any battle with wonderful UI/UX Design. Remember that users will only access your website if they can easily navigate to find desired products or services. Else, appealing websites that aren’t user-friendly have higher bounce rates.

If you own a website and haven’t achieved desired conversions, it’s the time to give a makeover with UI/UX Design by experienced professionals. The clutter-free website experience can drive leads easily during lockdown too.

Implement AR/VR features for better interactivity

With new websites and features of mobile apps being introduced in the market, users expect more than just a site or app. If your website or mobile application can provide enhanced user experience with Augmented or virtual reality then why don’t you implement it?

For instance, companies are operating with reduced staff currently. In such cases, you can switch over to chatbots instead of Live Chat support so that your customers aren’t disappointed if they need your help at any point.

Intuition Softech can help you with advanced AR & VR App Development too.

What are you waiting for?! Intuition Softech can help you out with responsive websites and user-friendly mobile applications developed faster according to your needs. We are concerned with your online progress, aren’t you?!

Reach our experts now!

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