5 Benefits of mHealth Wearable Apps

We see many people around with wearable devices. They’re willing to track the number of calories they have burned in a day or know how well do they sleep. Some are keen to measure their heart rate or track diabetes or asthma.

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Android is Gaining Ground with Improved Security Features

Android app development is walking on the paths of iPhone Apps where security is gripping and uncompromised. As annual app downloads are estimated to reach 352.9 billion by 2021, the heavy demand for android apps will also impose security threats.

We need to prepare for this earlier. Before we discuss this, let’s see why we should care for secured android app development.

This attracts businesses to invest in the mobile app industry, ranging from start-ups owners to enterprises. Many of them may not think twice before investing in their hard-earned money into the brewing technology expected to yield $131 billion in revenue.

There is a consistent demand for innovative mobile apps and it brings new challenges for Android App Development Companies to meet client’s needs.

If you have an android app currently, you must be concerned to prepare it for the upcoming year. Here is what Google has to say on the minimum requirements for the Play Console.

Whenever an APK file is uploaded, it needs to meet Google Play’s target API level requirements.

The following levels should be currently targeted by apps and will need to target in the future.

As soon as these requirements will come into effect, the Play Console prevents you from submitting new APKs using older target API levels.

If you plan to update your android app, don’t forget to discuss this with your Android Application Development Company.

Let’s have a check on some features that raise the ante by empowering you with more controls on how often apps can access your location. You can also learn the ways to stop apps from scanning nearby Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks to guess your location, new sign-in methods for third-party apps, and so on.


App Updates

Mobile device security is directly associated with your OS update. You may be installing updates regularly but it requires your device restart. A hopeful sign is an announcement by Google’s Senior Director for Android Stephanie Cuthbertson mentioning that Android Security updates will finally be automated.

The process will run in the background and users will not require rebooting their smartphones. Moreover, the android security modules will receive updates even if your OS is not updated.


Permission Control

The second biggest threat to mobile security comes from the excessive permissions demanded by the apps to access non-required phone data and then leak it. It has been discovered in July 2019 that more than 1000 apps in the Google Play Store steal user data. This triggers the need of users to be more concerned before granting permission to any apps.


Bluetooth Sniffing comes to an End

Once you disallow permissions for an app to access your location via GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Sniffing can still lead the way. Thankfully, Android is making a way for users to control this too.

It’s the time to turn to smarter and secured Android App Development, don’t you agree?! Head over to one of the best companies for Android App Development & get your secured apps developed at best prices.